crooked candle out now

i’ve just released a new EP called ‘crooked candle’. it came out on desert mine music on 5 february. you can either get it from the desert mine shop or my bandcamp page here: i recorded the ep over a couple of months in autumn 2020. this was all done at home with the drums being recorded in a stone shed. it’s all played, recorded, mixed and mastered by myself so I have no one else to blame.

but i did borrow the cymbals from wolf solent and the drum kit from love revisited. the songs were mostly written over the previous couple of years.

i originally wanted the record to be eight tracks long, but my drumming was so bad that I kept it as being a five song EP.

it was originally going to all be recorded with a drum machine and detuned guitars. this was supposed to be in a tribute to mid era sonic youth and late era escape-ism. but this ending up sounding rubbish so i played the drums and added guitars til it sounded ok.....