hey, hidden bay have released my new album 'aeroplane days' on tape on 10 september 2021. i recorded it with micah calabrese over the past couple of years. hope you like. you can buy the tape here or stream it somewhere else..

it has ten songs that i wrote probably around 2018. most of them started as acoustic demos, but i asked micah to help out by adding drums and things. he recorded his parts in los angeles, then i added vocals and guitars and things here in england, and the whole thing went back and forth lots of times.

the whole record took a long to make but i'm happy with the way it sounds. plus i was really pleased when i got an email from hidden bay records (a cool french record label) who said that they wanted to release a tape for me. so i submitted 'aeroplane days' and they made a limited edition cassette run for the album...